sketch + pokelog

I’m not the best at art, but I’m practicing. You could say that it’s a …work in progress.

bad pun is bad

Here’s a 15-minute sketch I did today:

tree 7.14.16.jpg

As you can see, I’m not the best with structures or shading (the tree branches seem sort of cluttered at the top + I love hash marks but I can’t figure out how to use them properly), but I’ll keep practicing and hopefully it’ll get better.

Like many of you fanboys (and girls), I play Pokemon Go. The park nearby my house is always infested with people of all ages staring at their screens and blocking the sidewalk, and it makes for some interesting moments (read: people walking into the pond; mistaking real-life dogs, birds and rabbits for pokemon).

I’m really sad that the game is so glitchy; I must have logged in ten times today since the servers kicked me out every time my screen froze. Regardless, I was lucky enough to run into a Ninetails (I met a nice delivery guy in the process, and I’m considering the viability of becoming one so that I can catch more pokemon..haha). I also got my first Magikarp, so I’m one step closer to getting a Gyarados, though it’s probably easier to find a Gyarados than obtain 400 Magikarp candies…

At any rate, stay safe kids. Don’t drive and throw pokeballs, don’t bike and throw pokeballs, don’t board and throw pokeballs, and heck, it’s just better not to move when you’re throwing pokeballs. As one Reddit user said, Pokemon Go is only fun if you’re alive. If you break something and can’t move, you can’t catch things.* (edit: just saw a news article about people falling down a cliff to catch pokemon; stay safe, stay smart.)


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