Art attempt #1: Wave

I have a small obsession with paint chips.

not even half of what I picked up a few Sundays ago

I had a bunch of scraps lying around from a bigger project I just did, and so I made this:

color corrected wave
excuse the grain

I used a big paint chip as the background + five small ones for the waves. It took ~20-25 minutes (cutting & taping). As you can see it’s not very directed, but I’m satisfied because I wasn’t trying to be perfect.

Also, it’s sort of 3 dimensional:

that’s gonna collect a lot of dust eww

I’m not really sure what to do with this, since it’s too big to be a bookmark (3.25″ x 6.5″) and too small to be serious wall art. I’ll probably just place it on my “wall of things”. Since I have a ton of paint chips lying around, more paint chip stuff is bound to come.

Art attempts is a series documenting my attempts at making and/or imitating art. 


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