College app protip #3: Organization 101

We’ve been told to be organized since we were in diapers. “Stack the bricks after you’re done playing with them!” “Put the baby back in the stroller, don’t leave her on the floor!” “This is why you put the toothbrush on the rack–so it doesn’t fall in the toilet.

…You get the idea. If you’re a neat freak, now’s your time to shine. If you’re a disorganized mess, this is the best time in your life not to be. Here’s some tips for those of you who are messes.

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College app protip #2: Rank is not everything

Repeat after me:

Rank is not everything. 

Rank is not everything. 

Great, now that we’ve established that…let’s talk about rank as it rank(le)s us & colleges.

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